Easter Egg & Biscuit Decorating


Hi Folks! A date for your diary here at Lobbs Farm Shop; on Saturday 23rd March we’ll be having an Easter Egg & Biscuit Decorating workshop. It runs from 2pm until 4pm, costs £5.00 per person and there’s no age limit, you’re all welcome. It’s a lovely way to while away an afternoon of choclatey messy fun, so come along!

Booking is essential if you fancy it. Give us a bell on 01726 844411 for booking & more info.


The perfect cheeseboard!

hamper_04 small

Nick, our big cheese on the delicatessen counter here at Lobbs Farm Shop has put together her list of recommendations for the perfect cheese board this Christmas. Don’t be put off with Cheddar right at the very top, which everyone thinks they know, read on, she’s selected a cheddar that is really rather lovely and spot on for a special occasion. All of these cheeses and more are available to order at the Deli counter in the farm shop if you want to guarantee your particular choice.

Cheddar – For a taste of Christmas, choose Montgomery Cheddar with its roasted nut richness pushing through a mature cheddar tang. Made in Yeovil, Somerset, it has twice been awarded ‘Best Cheddar’ in the British Cheese Awards and has been a longstanding recognised official cheddar. *unpasteurised

Dorset Blue Vinny – In my opinion this is a winner with it’s complex strength and wonderful versatility. A crumbly semi soft texture gives in to a meltingly good flavour. Excellent on crackers or even in cooking. Made in Sturminster Newton, this is an unpasteurised cheese that’s suitable for vegetarians.

Brie – Chatel – Chatel is a great little brie with a rich and creamy flavour. It doesn’t have a pungent aroma like some but when ripe, it is a smooth and delightfully flavoured soft cheese. Made in Newquay, Cornwall and suitable for vegetarians. Pasteurised.

Goats – Vulscombe – It definitely has to be Vulscombe with cracked black pepper. This exquisite fresh and crumbly goats cheese simply dissolves on the tongue and is packed with flavour. A very presentable vegetarian pasteurised cheese. Also available plain or with herbs. Made in Tiverton.

Farmhouse – Garlic Yarg – A twist on traditional Nettle Yarg, the garlic version is slightly stronger with a creamy delicate garlic flavour. The cheese holds a little more moisture than nettle yarg and has a smoother texture. Made near Truro. Pasteurised and suitable for vegetarians.

Smoked – Snowdonia Smoked – An excellent cheddar on its own, Snowdonia have created this superb mature smoked variety that has a balanced blend of delicate smoke that hangs above the rich and creamy cheddar, making it a distinguished asset to a cheeseboard. Made in Rhyl, Wales. Pasteurised and vegetarian.

Great alternatives and special cheeses…

Somerset Rambler –  A sweet bouquet of delicate flavours in this Ewe’s milk cheddar. Mellow & complex.

Bowland – Christmas favourite, an enticing combination of apple, raisin and cinnamon for that festive feeling.

Sharpham Brie – A powerful and pungent brie with real character and excellent flavour.

Six Spires – A farmhouse unpasteurised hard cheese with an earthy, nutty flavour that’s great with crackers.


A guide to choosing your Turkey!

Phil, our head Butcher here at Lobbs Farm Shop has compiled a concise guide as to where the turkeys we sell for Christmas come from. It may be helpful in which turkey you may choose for that all important dinner! As a starting point for what weight to go for and how many it will feed, a 10lb bird will feed 4-5 people with some meat left over for Boxing Day. The great thing about buying a turkey from Lobbs or any other local butchery counter for that matter, is you can ask advice and have your turkey prepared how you wish.

  • Fernley Banbury and his son Richard rear turkeys on their traditional family farm outside Padstow. They produce around 2,000 turkeys and poultry each Christmas. They are predominantly white barn reared turkeys. White refers to the colour of the feathers.
  • South Torfrey Farm near Fowey : Their Organic poultry are housed in small wooden arks and are bedded daily on home grown straw. They are free to graze on the clover rich pastures in fields overlooking the Fowey River. They are dry-plucked on the farm and are hung for up to 2 weeks in a cold room for premium eating quality. Then hand-trussed with string and packed with giblets ready for the oven.
  • John Stacey and son Andrew farm at Widegates near Looe. A truly mixed family farm with vegetables, beef, pork, lamb as well as poultry. The day old chicks are purchased from Kelly Poultry, widely thought to be the best quality birds. All of John Stacey’s turkeys are free range bronze turkeys. Bronze refers to the colour of the feathers (as per the photo as the header of this post!)
  • This year we are introducing a new range of of budget turkeys (not budgies, as Phil helpfully points out!) They are Norfolk white birds, barn reared and start retailing at £6.98/kg or £3.16lb which is great deal!

You can order your turkey from us via our website www.lobbsfarmshop.com  The last day for Christmas internet orders is 4.30pm Sunday 16th December any later than this and we cannot guarantee availability or delivery. The last day for delivery will be on Wednesday, 19th December. You can contact our butchery department on 01726 844411 if you would like any advice when ordering.

Photos from the Farm – A muddy Autumn

Barley Seeds ready for planting

A photographic update from Kestle Farm, highlighting once again the terrible weather conditions that we’re facing, along with many other farmers across the UK, Europe and the US. We were hoping for a drier Autumn but it hasn’t happened and the deluge of rain has continued, making it tough for planting new crops. A hard year for everyone.

Fertilizer ready to go but we’re unable to plant anything due to poor conditions

and here’s the conditions we’re up against…Mud!! Not good for planting anything…

Richard Lobb out feeding the ewes. Lambing is due to start soon…

Cattle are currently being kept inside due to adverse conditions, the rain has been pretty relentless

Richard out in the jeep checking up on things under a very dark sky!

on the upside, the savoys growing out in the veg field are looking pretty good!

lovely colours in the veg field, sprouts, kale & savoys amongst others

the cold wet conditions have hit the swede crop hard, lots of poor specimins

Richard out checking up on things in the veg field. Usually a lovely view from here today it has disappeared in the drizzle

Beautiful french partridge have been reared on the farm

here’s Ian Lobb, leading a group of students out in the field. The weather’s never to bad for education!

A poor harvest


Have a look at the above photo. Look at the difference between the 2011 harvest and the 2012 harvest of wheat. See the difference in colour, size, texture and overall quality. It’s not good is it? The result of a cold wet spring and a very wet summer has resulted in the worst harvest in a hundred years. This is just a tiny example here on Kestle Farm that is representative of a much wider problem. Richard Lobb outlines the financial damages to this years harvest here in the transcript:
“Last year (2011) I had 3.5 tons of wheat to the acre. This year (2012) I’ve had under 2 tons of wheat to the acre. I only grow 40 acres of wheat, so I’m a small farm really but if I’m a ton and a half down, 40 acres times a ton and a half equals 60 tons. £200 a ton is what it’s making at the moment so that’s £12,000 gone from my sales just on the wheat crop. 
Then I’ve got another 50 acres of barley which is half a ton down on yield this year compared to last so that’s another 25 tons of corn I haven’t got so that’s another £5,000 lost. That’s just one year to another, all my costs are identical, I’ve sprayed it and planted it, combined it, everything’s just the same it’s just the yield that’s different.”



Taster Day 1st September

On Saturday 1st September we’ll be having a Taster Day here at Lobbs Farm Shop, starting at 11.00am until about 5.00pm. There’ll be some delicious samples of Westcountry produce for you to try from Cherry Tree chutneys & jams, Cornish Orchards cider, Cottage Delight marinades & nibbles, Halzephron Herb Farm dressings & sauces, Roskilly’s ice cream, Skinners beer and Whalesborough Cornish cheese. Just a few to be going on with! We’ll also be cooking up some of our own sausages which are made here on the premises and are bloomin’ lovely!

If you would like more information do give us a ring on 01726 844411


We’re having a Photo Competition!

We are looking for some photographs of our beautiful part of Cornwall to print in our 2013 Lobbs Farm Shop Calendar. We would like to invite all our customers to take part and submit a photograph to us before the 12th October 2012

Lobbs Farm Shop will donate £50 for each of the 12 winning photographs to a charity of your choice.

The calendar is given to customers with Christmas orders and are also for suggested donation of £2 each to Mount Edgcumbe Hospice.

There are 3 categories that you can interpret how you wish: 

a) Landscape b) Picnic (using some lovely local produce) c) Cornish Fun!

We will select 12 images for the calendar. Your photo will also be on display in the Countryside Barn from the 13th – 19th October

A few rules for competition entry: 1. Please submit your photo as a print & a JPEG file dropped into Lobbs Farm Shop or posted to the address below. JPEGS can be sent via email if you wish. 2. Please do not send original prints or negatives. 3. Open to amateur & professional photographers. 4. Please make sure any people in the photographs have given their permission for their portrayal in this medium 5. Please submit your photo with a title and where in our area it was taken. 6. Also give your name, address & contact number with your photo

You can submit your entry to lobbsfarmshop@btconnect.com
Or you can post it or drop it into the farm shop on a cd! Our address is Lobbs Farm Shop, Heligan, St Ewe, Cornwall PL26 6PN.

Here’s the map of what we consider to be ‘our patch’! There’s some stunning views to be had in this area, so get out there with your camera and get some cracking shots!

Don’t Tell the Bride!

So, who watches Don’t Tell the Bride on BBC 3? Come on, own up! There was an episode being filmed in and around Mevagissey on July 5th and Lobbs Farm Shop were asked to provide a stand with roasted joints of pork and beef carved up & served in lovely fresh rolls. It was butcher Phil’s turn to be on camera as he was in charge of the stand in the gardens of Silvanus, a large property overlooking Mevagissey village and harbour. The weather stayed dry and the guests were able to mingle out in the gardens. The film crew were buzzing around following the bride’s every move and reaction. Phil did a sterling job making sure everyone was catered for, the food went down very well indeed. Having a roast like this is a nice option and allows you to have a mixture of roasted meats instead of just a whole pig or lamb as a hog roast. If you’re interested, enquire at the butchery counter in Lobbs Farm Shop or give us a ring on 01726 844411. We can also provide freshly made coleslaw, waldorf, potato and cous cous salads amongst others if that took your fancy. It’s great for parties and takes the worry of catering out of your hands!

Phil serves up a lovely pork roll for a guest…

Phil carves the mustard encrusted roast beef.

Here’s Phil!

Here comes the Bride…

Phil being nosey

Apple Sauce, Grain Mustard or Ketchup!






National BBQ Week 28th May – 3rd June

There seems to be a day or week for just about everything doesn’t there! But who can resist National BBQ Week? A chance to bask in the beautiful English sunshine…. *ahem* and a very good chance to make the most of some local produce on your grill. If you choose to stick with the trusty sausage and burger combo, make sure they’re good ones, perhaps even make your own burgers? Or maybe be a little more adventurous and get chopping with some garden herbs for a tasty marinade such as this one from Angela Hartnett? Whatever you end up cooking, enjoy!

You can buy a delicious range of home reared meats from our farm here in South Cornwall on our website, all available for UK wide delivery.

April Showers

There’s been some fairly hefty showers around, laden with raindrops and hail stones. It made for some atmospheric shots one evening last week at Kestle farm. The logo tree field is currently planted with potatoes under those huge furrows. The clear north westerly air provided lovely views north to the clay district, otherwise known as the Cornish Alps! And yes, I did get splattered with chilly rain whilst out in the field…

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