Chops ahoy!

a little recipe idea for some Pork Chops to put on the bbq (now that summer’s supposedly here!)

Should make enough for 4 chops!

– handful of fresh sage leaves, chopped (keep aside one whole leaf per chop)

– couple of cloves of garlic, crushed

– zest of one lemon

– butter, about 50g or so, enough to combine all the ingredients into a paste

– generous twist of black pepper & sea salt

combine all these in a mortar and pestle and crush together  making sure they’re all thoroughly mashed up!

cut a little pocket in the side of the pork steaks, not right through to the otherside of the chop, just big enough to stuff with a couple of teaspoons of the sage butter, bruise a whole sage leaf and press it down on top of the chop. Get the bbq sizzling and pop the pork on until thoroughly cooked through. I served this with some Cornish new potatoes and grilled courgettes, tomatoes and red peppers.

Now get out and enjoy the good weather when it comes!

Lots of tasty things from the butchery counter are available for your bbq, either in store or for mail order from the website


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