How to make Homity Pie

So… it may not have the production qualities of a Delia & Heston advert for Waitrose, but, unlike Delia’s foul seafood risotto (what was she thinking?) there is no doubt that Homity Pie is rather wonderous. In fact, so much so, it is one of our Delicatessen’s mose requested items. So, myself and our in-house chef Gavin put a little film together taking you through the making of one. The ingredients are to make on big fat delicious pie. We use ready rolled puff pastry which, benefits from being rolled a little bit more to stretch it as it will shrink a bit during cooking. Use a good mature cheddar for the topping, don’t be skimping on this. Also, boil the spuds until tender, but not overcooked and falling apart. That just wouldn’t do!

So, I think you’ll agree the little film is a touch scruffy round the edges, but its heart is definitely in the right place! Now get cooking!

The Homity Pie ….


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