Sprouts are evil…

…or maybe not? With Christmas on its way the dreaded sprout rears its ugly sprout-shaped head. A Christmas dinner staple and loathed by so many, I think its time the sprout had a little bit better press. They’re grown here at Kestle Farm to supply the farm shop for the Christmas season. And very beautiful they are too, sold in the farm shop on their stalks, grown just a mile away and picked on the day that you bought them. They are grown with the very minimum of any sprays. You can often find a cheeky Pheasant loitering in the Sprout field:

You can dress them up with bacon and chestnuts if it takes your fancy. Or you can just have them plain boiled. But don’t over cook them as that is when a sprout can become the vile creature it is so often mistaken for. Watery & soggy, an overcooked sprout is not something to behold. The very top leaves of the sprout stalk can be used for frying up in a little butter as you would cabbage, or they are a welcome addition to a stir-fry. So come on folks, help the sprout a little, it is not evil, gross, vile or disgusting. They can actutally be rather lovely. Stop by the farm shop and pick up a sprout stalk, or wherever you are in the country, pick up a sprout stalk from your local farm shop, one that hasn’t been cellophane wrapped and processed to within an inch of its life.

above & below: Sprouts growing in ‘Higher Blow the Winds’

For those of you remain un-convinced, you can vent your anger at this website here


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