Red Sprouts

The wind wasn’t blowing in Higher Blow the Winds (what a romantic name for a field!) today as it has been recently, but a dampened chill has settled over the land. Low grey cloud has muted the colours and the sounds of the countryside, reducing everything to a fairly monotone palette. Except of course for the vegetables growing here. Red sprouts, curly kale and romanesco broccoli amongst others, dot the landscape. With fingers numb from the 0˚c temperature, I photographed these beauties. In particular, the red sprouts, reminding me of something you might find on the Addams Family dinner table? Who knew a sprout could appear so gothic! You may have heard they’re going to be hitting Asda’s shelves this Christmas, but they’ll be appearing in Lobbs Farm Shop in time for Christmas too. So keep a beady eye out for them.

above: Curly Kale grows in Higher Blow the Winds

above: jackdaws mark the sky

above: romanesco broccoli

above: regular green sprouts, in time for Christmas


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