Christmas is coming…

Well folks it ain’t long until Christmas is upon us. A little over a week infact, yikes! So tomorrow 16th December is our last day for receiving internet orders. After this we cannot guarantee delivery or availability. So get that mouse a-clickin’ and get your turkey, goose, beef, duck or whatever it is you’ll be eating on Christmas Day! You’ll find lots of other lovelies to accompany your meal on there too, cranberry sauces, stuffing mixes, goose fat etc So roll on over to and get your order in.

Speaking of nice things to accompany your meal, you can find all sorts of recipes on this blog to make the essential Christmas dinner trimmings. Bread Sauce, Cranberry & Red Wine sauce, Chestnut Stuffing Balls, Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts & Bacon and Sausage Bacon Wraps with Sage & Honey. Mmmm! Oh and not forgetting, Perfect Roast Potatoes.

No excuse not to get cracking in the kitchen!


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