a spoonful of sugar….

What a sugar filled day Saturday was, well it was if you happened to be attending the Tray Bake cookery Demo with our Anne at Lobbs Farm Shop. I’ve never seen so much sugar, butter and general badness in one go! It was a great day, very well attended and with Anne in charge of proceedings it was interesting, amusing and informing. The Countryside barn at Lobbs was filled with sunlight, a relief after a week full of drizzle, mist and rain. Anne made a selection of tray bakes including, Rocky Road, Date Slices, Heva Cake and other yummies. At the end of the demo everyone had a chance for a taste of the cakes made, a nice cuppa and a bit of recipe swapping going on. All in all a pretty good day! p.s Recipes will be posted soon

above: Here’s lovely Anne, with Helen Lobb in the background who helped out.

above: traditional Cornish Heva cake, rich!

above: a rowdy crowd!

above: Anne and Helen

above: Anne pours in the caramel to another of her low fat, low sugar cakes!!

above: a little more chocolate on the Rocky Road… just for good measure!

above: what its all about, good food, a nice cuppa and a chat at the end of the demo

above: date slices


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