Cooking Lamb

Mark from the Salamander restaurant in Mevagissey hosted a lovely Lamb cookery demonstration on Saturday 26th March at Lobbs Farm Shop. Based around making the most of Spring Lamb which is coming into season about now. With simple but beautiful combinations of ingredients Mark rustled up some gorgeous food. The demo was rounded up by an interesting lesson in butchery from our head butcher, Phil who cut up a lamb.

Recipes for this demo will be uploaded soon, in the meantime, have some photographs!

above: browning lamb chops before brushing them apricot puree and adding a breadcrumb coating

above: Mark brushes on the apricot puree

above: preparing the shoulder of lamb for five hours of slow roasting, ‘ansome!

above: here’s one I prepared earlier, a slow roasted shoulder of lamb, tender and succulent.

above: delicious lamb kebabs with a mango, tomato and red onion salad dressed with lime juice.

above: head butcher Phil begins cutting up the lamb.

above: Phil demonstrates how to tie up a rolled shoulder of lamb


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