Dower House Chutney Recipe

Here’s a recipe for the deliciously rich Dower House Chutney. Once made, store it for at least three months before eating it, even better save it for Christmas and enjoy it with some strong cheeses and of course left over ham & turkey!

1.5lb Plums
2lb Red tomatoes
1.5 Pints malt vinegar
1/2lb Prepared Apples (eaters not cookers)
1/2lb Prepared Onions
1/2lb Dried Fruit
1 Clove of Garlic
1lb Demerara Sugar
2oz Salt
1.5 level tablespoons Pickling spice (tied in muslin)

Wash the plums, halve and remove stones. Skin & slice the tomatoes. To make this easier, cut a small cross over the top of each tomato and blanch in boiling water. The skins should peel away very easily from the cut you made. Put both in a preserving pan with the vinegar and cook gently until soft and mushy. Remove any stones if any bob to the surface.
Slice the apples, onions & garlic finely and add them to the pan with the dried fruit, sugar, salt and pickling spice. Simmer slowly until it thickens. A good test is being able to drag a wooden spoon across the bottom of the pan and the chutney separates and leaves a ‘trench’ so you can see bottom of the pan. Have patience, its not a quick process, but you are rewarded with a lovely chutney! Store in sterilised jars, cover with wax toppers to stop it drying out and stow it away in the cupboard for 3 months or more.

above: I used what was available to me for free! In this case an old Cornish variety of apple & Victoria plums. This time of year though, there are many types of English Apples available, so use what’s local to you if you can.

above: gorgeous Victoria plums, halved and stoned.

above: stirring up the tomatoes and plums in the vinegar.

above: the plums and tomatoes quickly turn to mush!

above:  perfectly crisp apple, ready for slicing into the pot.

above: the finished article, ready for storing for the winter. ‘Ansome!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kay
    Oct 08, 2012 @ 18:59:07

    Really lovely chutney recipe. Made it last year and going to have to make it again because it’s all been eaten! They love it!


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