How to make a Cornish Pasty

A delayed update from the Cornish Pasty making demo with Anne which took place here at Lobbs Farm Shop on the 25th August. It was typical British summer holiday weather, the wind howling around the shop & squally showers bringing with them thunder and lightning. So it turned out to be a perfect afternoon to stay inside and make pasties! It was well attended with many people staying locally on holiday. What a great way to learn about Cornwall’s iconic Pasty, recently in the news after being awarded Protected Geographical Indication status. You see, you can’t just bung any old ingredient in a pasty, it has to be proper! Anne was here to show us how…

  • A proper Cornish pasty must not contain anything other than swede, potato, onion and beef skirt (or chuck steak if skirt isn’t available) and seasoning to your taste.
  • The secret to making the best pastry for your pasty is to keep it cool by using chilled fat (grated into the flour to avoid lumps) and chilled water for mixing into the flour and to handle it as little as possible.
  • Pat dry all your veg before adding it to your pasty. Any excess water from the veg will cause your pasty to fall apart, which will not do!
  • Make sure that you slice the veg into thin strips, not cubes. Also make sure not to have any sharp edges otherwise these will break the pastry.
  • Layer the veg onto your pastry first and put the thin bits of beef skirt on top of the veg. This way the delicious juices from the beef will soak down through the vegetables.

Armed with these tidbits of information, you can find Anne’s recipe here. You can find photos from the afternoon’s demo below, thank you to all who came and left with some ‘ansome looking pasties! So what are you waiting for, get crimping!

above: Here’s Anne, demonstrating crimping.

above & below: an attentive crowd!

above: these two had crimping down to a fine art!

above: who said it wouldn’t end up messy? Nice whiskers!

above: out of the oven and cooling off, ready to take home for tea.


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