A poor harvest


Have a look at the above photo. Look at the difference between the 2011 harvest and the 2012 harvest of wheat. See the difference in colour, size, texture and overall quality. It’s not good is it? The result of a cold wet spring and a very wet summer has resulted in the worst harvest in a hundred years. This is just a tiny example here on Kestle Farm that is representative of a much wider problem. Richard Lobb outlines the financial damages to this years harvest here in the transcript:
“Last year (2011) I had 3.5 tons of wheat to the acre. This year (2012) I’ve had under 2 tons of wheat to the acre. I only grow 40 acres of wheat, so I’m a small farm really but if I’m a ton and a half down, 40 acres times a ton and a half equals 60 tons. £200 a ton is what it’s making at the moment so that’s £12,000 gone from my sales just on the wheat crop. 
Then I’ve got another 50 acres of barley which is half a ton down on yield this year compared to last so that’s another 25 tons of corn I haven’t got so that’s another £5,000 lost. That’s just one year to another, all my costs are identical, I’ve sprayed it and planted it, combined it, everything’s just the same it’s just the yield that’s different.”



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  1. fred edwards
    Sep 25, 2012 @ 14:00:44

    It’s a problem that could turn disasterous for some farmers if it continues. Dairy farmers leaving, cropfarmers may follow. What next? Import all of our food? We will then be at the mercy of the rest of the world and then we will have a national crisis like nobody has ever imagined. I can remember when I was younger, about 55 years ago in Kent when all you saw was farmland. Pictures of Cornwall were the same. Think of the future and what could be to come if things carry on like this.
    I can’t imagine.


  2. rcsepossystems
    Sep 30, 2013 @ 15:49:05

    Agreed we want to avoid importing all food. We’re up in Yorkshire and one of the things I love about the place is seeing the rolling Pennines covered in farm land. I would hate for that to go.

    How was the harvest this year in relation to last year?


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