The perfect cheeseboard!

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Nick, our big cheese on the delicatessen counter here at Lobbs Farm Shop has put together her list of recommendations for the perfect cheese board this Christmas. Don’t be put off with Cheddar right at the very top, which everyone thinks they know, read on, she’s selected a cheddar that is really rather lovely and spot on for a special occasion. All of these cheeses and more are available to order at the Deli counter in the farm shop if you want to guarantee your particular choice.

Cheddar – For a taste of Christmas, choose Montgomery Cheddar with its roasted nut richness pushing through a mature cheddar tang. Made in Yeovil, Somerset, it has twice been awarded ‘Best Cheddar’ in the British Cheese Awards and has been a longstanding recognised official cheddar. *unpasteurised

Dorset Blue Vinny – In my opinion this is a winner with it’s complex strength and wonderful versatility. A crumbly semi soft texture gives in to a meltingly good flavour. Excellent on crackers or even in cooking. Made in Sturminster Newton, this is an unpasteurised cheese that’s suitable for vegetarians.

Brie – Chatel – Chatel is a great little brie with a rich and creamy flavour. It doesn’t have a pungent aroma like some but when ripe, it is a smooth and delightfully flavoured soft cheese. Made in Newquay, Cornwall and suitable for vegetarians. Pasteurised.

Goats – Vulscombe – It definitely has to be Vulscombe with cracked black pepper. This exquisite fresh and crumbly goats cheese simply dissolves on the tongue and is packed with flavour. A very presentable vegetarian pasteurised cheese. Also available plain or with herbs. Made in Tiverton.

Farmhouse – Garlic Yarg – A twist on traditional Nettle Yarg, the garlic version is slightly stronger with a creamy delicate garlic flavour. The cheese holds a little more moisture than nettle yarg and has a smoother texture. Made near Truro. Pasteurised and suitable for vegetarians.

Smoked – Snowdonia Smoked – An excellent cheddar on its own, Snowdonia have created this superb mature smoked variety that has a balanced blend of delicate smoke that hangs above the rich and creamy cheddar, making it a distinguished asset to a cheeseboard. Made in Rhyl, Wales. Pasteurised and vegetarian.

Great alternatives and special cheeses…

Somerset Rambler –  A sweet bouquet of delicate flavours in this Ewe’s milk cheddar. Mellow & complex.

Bowland – Christmas favourite, an enticing combination of apple, raisin and cinnamon for that festive feeling.

Sharpham Brie – A powerful and pungent brie with real character and excellent flavour.

Six Spires – A farmhouse unpasteurised hard cheese with an earthy, nutty flavour that’s great with crackers.


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