Stormy Weather

There’s been some rather large storms lurking about this last week, mostly of hail, sleet and rain. Here’s the view yesterday from Lobb’s Lane which runs between Heligan Gardens and Kestle Farm and takes you down to Heligan Mill & eventually Mevagissey. It’s looking south west across the farm towards Gorran Haven and, yes it was hail! Ouch!

Star Field

Here’s a view across Kestle Farm looking north towards St Austell and the Clay  works. It was taken a day before the full moon so there’s a lot of light on the fields and in the sky, although not enough to bleach out the stars. It was fairly freezing out in the field, but very beautiful. All you could hear was the gentle ‘popping’ of watery mud across the field, there’s been a lot of rain recently!

Summer’s Evening

Just an excuse to post a picture from the farm, a beautiful hazy August evening. The quality of light this time of year is gorgeous, so expect a few more photos over the next couple of months! Keep walking into this view and you can see out over Mevagissey, across the sea to Fowey, a stunningly beautiful place indeed.



fancy nice farm shop

This blog is hosted with the wonderful if you hadn’t noticed already. Behind the scenes of the blog there is a user interface that includes all the info about about how someone found the site i.e a google search, or a link clicked through from another site etc. It also provides the words someone has entered into a search engine to reach your site, today I noticed that someone had found the Lobbs Farm Shop blog by googling ‘Fancy Nice Farm Shop’. So there you are, that tells you everything doesn’t it?! -sal

Cornwall at it’s best?

A completely self-indulgent post, mainly to celebrate Cornwall and just how amazing a place it is, especially on such a crystal clear day, cloudless blue sky and a sun that actually felt warm. For once it’s a post that doesn’t involve food, recipes, farming or any such useful things, its just an excuse to post some eye-candy! Here’s a couple of photos from Gwithian for you, which in January means empty beaches and a magical feel to the wintery landscape, oh and some nice waves rolling in! Best time to enjoy it. -sal

Marmalade & Sunshine

I stopped by Corran Farm yesterday to catch Kathy Lobb in the midst of a mammoth marmalade making session. She makes it to serve at the breakfast table of her Corran Farm B&B and has been making marmalade for most of the week! It was a lovely afternoon, the sunshine making a welcome appearance at the end of a very dreary January week. Such a nice afternoon in fact that I took a rather muddy walk on the farm for the first time in a while. So with out further rambling on, here’s some photos for you!

On a completely random note, has anyone seen this? The Shooter’s sandwich? Heavy going but bloomin’ tasty I should think!

above: chopped seville oranges bubble in the pan with muslin bag full of pips

above: seville oranges

above: here’s Kathy!

above: meet Bert, one of the ten week old collie puppies at Corran Farm

above: couldn’t resist another Bert photo!

above: a lovely wintery sun lights up the trees

above: the beautful Oak tree opposite the farm house, a weak January sun lights the trunk


Cold Snaps

Christmas Eve was the most beautiful of days, cold crisp and clear blue sky. I took a walk through Temple Wood on Kestle Farm’s land. With the entrance to this walk just through a gate on the lower side of Heligan’s field car park it’s very accessible. The mud was frozen solid on this particular day but on days that aren’t quite so impossibly freezing, it can be very muddy so wear your wellies!

You can find a map for this walk here

above: illuminated sheep

above: just the three of us

above: very low sun through the trees.

above: skeletal silhouette

above: an icicle formed like a tap just about to drip!

above: beautiful winter sunshine

above: illuminated branches

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