Cooking Times

Roasting times for meats

Temp 180ºC(350ºF) Gas 4

Roast Beef on or off the bone

Rare 15mins per 450g/1lb + 15mins

Medium 20mins per 450g/1lb + 20mins

Well done 25mins per 450g/1lb + 25 mins

Roast Lamb 25mins per 450g/1lb + 25mins

Roast Pork 30mins per 450g/1lb + 30 mins

Veal 25mins per 450g/1lb + 25 mins

Gammon 20mins per 450g/1lb + 20mins or if joint over 4.5kg allow 15-20mins per 450g/1lb + 15mins

Roast Turkey 180ºC(350ºF) 20mins per 450g/1lb + 20 mins

Stuffed or unstuffed

Roast Goose 200ºC(400ºF) 15mins per 450g/1lb + 15mins

Roast Duck 180ºC(350ºF) 30-35mins per 450g/1lb

Roast Chicken 200ºC(400ºF) 20mins per 450g/1lb + 20mins

Venison 170ºC(325ºF) 25mins per 450g/1lb

Pheasants 230ºC(450ºF) for 10mins then reduce to 200ºC(400ºF) for 30-50mins

Partridge 200ºC(400ºF) for 40mins

These are only to be used as guidelines – please consult your instruction booklet for your own cooker

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