Perfect roast potatoes – serves 8-10

2 x 180g Highgrove goose or duck fat

2.5kg  potatoes


Cooks tip:- Peel spuds day before & keep submerged in cold water in a cold place until ready to roast.

The potatoes can be cooked while your ‘bird’ is resting.


Drain & rinse potatoes, cut & cover with fresh, salted water & parboil for about 5 mins. Meanwhile preheat the oven to about 180°C. Pour the fat into a large deep roasting tin & put in the oven to heat. Drain the potatoes in a colander then return the spuds to the saucepan.  Replace the saucepan lid & give the saucepan a good shake to rough up the edges of the potatoes. Remove the roasting tin from the oven & very carefully pour the potatoes into the fat – stir well to coat the potatoes. Return the roasting tin to the oven & cook for about 1 hour – turning the potatoes occasionally to brown evenly.

Serve in a warmed dish


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