Tzatziki etc


(Yoghurt, cucumber & garlic dip)

¼ cucumber

1 garlic clove – crushed

1 tub (150g) greek yoghurt

salt to taste

1 tbspn olive oil


Grate or roughly chop the cucumber, place in a sieve & sprinkle with salt

Crush or finely grate garlic

Add cucumber, garlic, oil & salt to yoghurt – stir well

Serve with fresh bread or as a dip

Nb. Dill or chopped mint can be added if you prefer



(Fish roe dip)


2 slices stale bread

¾ cup water

100g tarama (fish roe)

1 cup olive oil

lemon juice to taste


Soak the bread in water, put into blender with tarama. Blend & gradually add oil & lemon juice to taste.

Serve with fresh bread & dolmades


Greek salad




Peppers (optional)

Feta cheese


Olive oil



Roughly chop all ingredients, toss together with salt & oil.  Top with chopped feta.

Good with any Greek meal or delicious on its own with fresh bread


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