Elderflower Cordial

A nice simple recipe for a yummy Elderflower Cordial

30 Elderflower Heads

2lb Caster Sugar

100g Citric Acid (from chemists or anywhere selling home brew things)

4 unwaxed Lemons

6 pints water

In a big bowl or jam-making pan, dissolve all the suger with 6 pints of boiling water. Stir until clear & leave to cool. Meanwhile, rinse off the elderflower heads to remove any wayward insects. Pare the lemon zest into coarse strips and slice up remaining lemons.

Once the water has cooled off, chuck everyting in the pan, and stir it all up. Leave to steep for 24hours in a cool place, stirring occaisionally. When ready, strain it into a jug and pour into sterilized bottles. It should store for a couple of months in a dark place. A great summer taste!

note: If you don’t want quite such a lemoney flavour, simply reduce the amount of lemons to your taste!

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