A poor harvest


Have a look at the above photo. Look at the difference between the 2011 harvest and the 2012 harvest of wheat. See the difference in colour, size, texture and overall quality. It’s not good is it? The result of a cold wet spring and a very wet summer has resulted in the worst harvest in a hundred years. This is just a tiny example here on Kestle Farm that is representative of a much wider problem. Richard Lobb outlines the financial damages to this years harvest here in the transcript:
“Last year (2011) I had 3.5 tons of wheat to the acre. This year (2012) I’ve had under 2 tons of wheat to the acre. I only grow 40 acres of wheat, so I’m a small farm really but if I’m a ton and a half down, 40 acres times a ton and a half equals 60 tons. £200 a ton is what it’s making at the moment so that’s £12,000 gone from my sales just on the wheat crop. 
Then I’ve got another 50 acres of barley which is half a ton down on yield this year compared to last so that’s another 25 tons of corn I haven’t got so that’s another £5,000 lost. That’s just one year to another, all my costs are identical, I’ve sprayed it and planted it, combined it, everything’s just the same it’s just the yield that’s different.”



late september sunset

What a gorgeous end to September after quite a blustery stormy month. The mornings here have been shrouded in sea mist before clearing away to reveal a beautiful golden autumn sun. The sunset last night glowed across the horizon, it was a bit like viewing it from an aeroplane, such a vast horizon with a rising band of colour disappearing into a deep blue sky. Stunning. Here’s the view from the ‘Higher Blow the Winds’ field, close to St Ewe village. Enjoy the sunshine!


Autumn Colours

I stopped by Kestle Farm on my way home from the Cake Decorating demo at the farm shop. It was a lovely light, I had my camera gear and most importantly I had my wellies! So I went for a roam around the fields…

More New Arrivals

Another week and a few more lambs arrive at Kestle Farm… high on the cute scale don’t you think?

Golden Autumn

This time of year is pretty lovely isn’t it? It’s mellow and golden, less of a technicolour assault on the senses than high summer. The food follows suit, with warm pots of slow cooked things, roasted vegetables and perhaps some fruity things thrown in for good measure, apples and plums are still very much around. The nights are closing in and with a little bit more of a chill in the air, these warming flavours are welcome. It is also of course the season for game, we sell pheasants from our local Heligan shoot on our shop website, available for delivery across the UK. A slow roasted joint of Belly Pork with baked English apples and juniper berries is perfect for a cosy night in. Of course there are pumpkins and squash to consider, soup? pie? roasted? Whatever you choose, make sure its lovely and any great ideas you’d like to to share with us post them along to lobbsfarmshop@btconnect.com

It’s also a great time of year to take a hike around this beautiful corner of Cornwall. If you haven’t explored the path across Lobb’s farm and into tranquil woodland, autumn is a fabulous time to do so, the rich earthy smells of the woodland are intoxicating. There’s always a chance of spotting some wildlife too along the way. Just remember your wellies, it does get rather muddy! You can find more information on our ‘Permissive Path’ page on this blog.So get on out there this Autumn, take a long muddy walk before heading home and cooking up something rich and warming for the dark evening. It’s an awesome time of year!

Beef & Balsamic Onion Burgers

Summer (what there is of it) is coming to a close with the evenings drawing in quite noticeably now. Still there are still some very British barbecues to be had, i.e in the rain! So make the most of the good weather that does come our way with some good food on the grill. Check out this new recipe for you here

There’s some nice fat blackberries to be had if you’re out and about in the countryside and also some lovely apples starting to ripen. I think some bramble jelly, apple chutney and perhaps a crumble are in order in the near future!

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