A guide to choosing your Turkey!

Phil, our head Butcher here at Lobbs Farm Shop has compiled a concise guide as to where the turkeys we sell for Christmas come from. It may be helpful in which turkey you may choose for that all important dinner! As a starting point for what weight to go for and how many it will feed, a 10lb bird will feed 4-5 people with some meat left over for Boxing Day. The great thing about buying a turkey from Lobbs or any other local butchery counter for that matter, is you can ask advice and have your turkey prepared how you wish.

  • Fernley Banbury and his son Richard rear turkeys on their traditional family farm outside Padstow. They produce around 2,000 turkeys and poultry each Christmas. They are predominantly white barn reared turkeys. White refers to the colour of the feathers.
  • South Torfrey Farm near Fowey : Their Organic poultry are housed in small wooden arks and are bedded daily on home grown straw. They are free to graze on the clover rich pastures in fields overlooking the Fowey River. They are dry-plucked on the farm and are hung for up to 2 weeks in a cold room for premium eating quality. Then hand-trussed with string and packed with giblets ready for the oven.
  • John Stacey and son Andrew farm at Widegates near Looe. A truly mixed family farm with vegetables, beef, pork, lamb as well as poultry. The day old chicks are purchased from Kelly Poultry, widely thought to be the best quality birds. All of John Stacey’s turkeys are free range bronze turkeys. Bronze refers to the colour of the feathers (as per the photo as the header of this post!)
  • This year we are introducing a new range of of budget turkeys (not budgies, as Phil helpfully points out!) They are Norfolk white birds, barn reared and start retailing at £6.98/kg or £3.16lb which is great deal!

You can order your turkey from us via our website www.lobbsfarmshop.com  The last day for Christmas internet orders is 4.30pm Sunday 16th December any later than this and we cannot guarantee availability or delivery. The last day for delivery will be on Wednesday, 19th December. You can contact our butchery department on 01726 844411 if you would like any advice when ordering.

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