April Showers

There’s been some fairly hefty showers around, laden with raindrops and hail stones. It made for some atmospheric shots one evening last week at Kestle farm. The logo tree field is currently planted with potatoes under those huge furrows. The clear north westerly air provided lovely views north to the clay district, otherwise known as the Cornish Alps! And yes, I did get splattered with chilly rain whilst out in the field…

Stormy Weather

There’s been some rather large storms lurking about this last week, mostly of hail, sleet and rain. Here’s the view yesterday from Lobb’s Lane which runs between Heligan Gardens and Kestle Farm and takes you down to Heligan Mill & eventually Mevagissey. It’s looking south west across the farm towards Gorran Haven and, yes it was hail! Ouch!

late september sunset

What a gorgeous end to September after quite a blustery stormy month. The mornings here have been shrouded in sea mist before clearing away to reveal a beautiful golden autumn sun. The sunset last night glowed across the horizon, it was a bit like viewing it from an aeroplane, such a vast horizon with a rising band of colour disappearing into a deep blue sky. Stunning. Here’s the view from the ‘Higher Blow the Winds’ field, close to St Ewe village. Enjoy the sunshine!


Kingfisher Award

During one week in June, over 300 children from six local schools visited the farm. After their farm visit these young students then created work inspired  by their countryside visit. Shown here is just a few images from the amazing array of displays produced. Schools that took part were; Mount Charles, Charlestown, Gorran, Mevagissey, St. Stephens and Biscovey. Becca Lobb, helped out during the week and here’s her account of what went on…

“This year the farm seized the opportunity to host a project for local schools known as the Kingfisher Award. The project aims to teach children about local wildlife and to explore with them connections between farming and the environment. A number of different schools came over to the farm over the course of a week, some in glorious sunshine and others in some of our more typical summer weather; let’s just say wellies were a must! The children were introduced to a number of experts and rotated around different activities. They were taught about creatures found in our hedgerows, in our native trees and on our local farms, with Ian, Terry and Richard doing  a grand job of explaining everything you could need to know about our polled dorset horn sheep! There was mammal trapping, grass snake handling, wool spinning and all sorts for the children to enjoy. After the visit the children all went back to school with the task of creating a display on what they had learnt. A few weeks later in St. Ewe the displays were revealed. The work was fantastic;  titles such as ” Why farmers are superheroes” definitely went down well with the Lobb brothers! The children had obviously had a lot of fun creating their displays and everyone thoroughly enjoyed looking around, with a picnic outside in the sunshine whilst listening to the Roseland School samba band finishing off the evening perfectly! A lovely project for everyone involved.”

above: check out the badger under the table!


almost spring?

The light was lovely this afternoon, a dank drizzle this morning gave way to hazy sunshine. The air is warmer and there was more than a hint of spring in the air. It may only be the first of February but the sun is noticably higher in the sky and the mornings and evenings a little lighter. We finally seem to be coming out of the other side of winter at last! Here’s a few photos from the permissive path on the farm today. Muddy but lovely, skeletal winter trees bathed in a warm hazy light.

above: a tree so big I had to take three photos and join them together to fit it all in!

above: hazy sunset over the farm.


Marmalade & Sunshine

I stopped by Corran Farm yesterday to catch Kathy Lobb in the midst of a mammoth marmalade making session. She makes it to serve at the breakfast table of her Corran Farm B&B and has been making marmalade for most of the week! It was a lovely afternoon, the sunshine making a welcome appearance at the end of a very dreary January week. Such a nice afternoon in fact that I took a rather muddy walk on the farm for the first time in a while. So with out further rambling on, here’s some photos for you!

On a completely random note, has anyone seen this? The Shooter’s sandwich? Heavy going but bloomin’ tasty I should think!

above: chopped seville oranges bubble in the pan with muslin bag full of pips

above: seville oranges

above: here’s Kathy!

above: meet Bert, one of the ten week old collie puppies at Corran Farm

above: couldn’t resist another Bert photo!

above: a lovely wintery sun lights up the trees

above: the beautful Oak tree opposite the farm house, a weak January sun lights the trunk


Cold Snaps

Christmas Eve was the most beautiful of days, cold crisp and clear blue sky. I took a walk through Temple Wood on Kestle Farm’s land. With the entrance to this walk just through a gate on the lower side of Heligan’s field car park it’s very accessible. The mud was frozen solid on this particular day but on days that aren’t quite so impossibly freezing, it can be very muddy so wear your wellies!

You can find a map for this walk here

above: illuminated sheep

above: just the three of us

above: very low sun through the trees.

above: skeletal silhouette

above: an icicle formed like a tap just about to drip!

above: beautiful winter sunshine

above: illuminated branches

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