Summer’s Evening

Just an excuse to post a picture from the farm, a beautiful hazy August evening. The quality of light this time of year is gorgeous, so expect a few more photos over the next couple of months! Keep walking into this view and you can see out over Mevagissey, across the sea to Fowey, a stunningly beautiful place indeed.




I grow my own vegetables. I live 5 minutes away from the nearest supermarket. (via Y@smine in the World.Wide.Web)

Here’s an interesting blog post from WordPress Freshly Pressed. Strikes a chord with me and I expect many of you out there…
If you can’t grow your own, then support your local farmer!

I grow my own vegetables. I live 5 minutes away from the nearest supermarket. I grow my own vegetables.  I live 5 minutes away from the nearest supermarket. Two sentences that really don't belong together if you are a typical consumer in the big city. For many people the very idea of planting a seed in some soil and waiting for your dinner to grow seems ridiculous, especially when it is so much easier to just take it out of the freezer and pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Why waste so much time, space and e … Read More

via Y@smine in the World.Wide.Web

almost spring?

The light was lovely this afternoon, a dank drizzle this morning gave way to hazy sunshine. The air is warmer and there was more than a hint of spring in the air. It may only be the first of February but the sun is noticably higher in the sky and the mornings and evenings a little lighter. We finally seem to be coming out of the other side of winter at last! Here’s a few photos from the permissive path on the farm today. Muddy but lovely, skeletal winter trees bathed in a warm hazy light.

above: a tree so big I had to take three photos and join them together to fit it all in!

above: hazy sunset over the farm.


Cold Snaps

Christmas Eve was the most beautiful of days, cold crisp and clear blue sky. I took a walk through Temple Wood on Kestle Farm’s land. With the entrance to this walk just through a gate on the lower side of Heligan’s field car park it’s very accessible. The mud was frozen solid on this particular day but on days that aren’t quite so impossibly freezing, it can be very muddy so wear your wellies!

You can find a map for this walk here

above: illuminated sheep

above: just the three of us

above: very low sun through the trees.

above: skeletal silhouette

above: an icicle formed like a tap just about to drip!

above: beautiful winter sunshine

above: illuminated branches

Starry Starry Night

A photo from Late Night Shopping at Lobbs Farm Shop. Clearly no shopping going on here, but it was the most beautiful night, still, cold and clear. I’ll upload more photos from the evening soon. Hope you’re all keeping warm out there.

Permissive Path photos

A stunningly gorgeous day and a serene walk along the permissive path from Lobbs Farm Shop. Read more and see more here…

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