Star Field

Here’s a view across Kestle Farm looking north towards St Austell and the Clay  works. It was taken a day before the full moon so there’s a lot of light on the fields and in the sky, although not enough to bleach out the stars. It was fairly freezing out in the field, but very beautiful. All you could hear was the gentle ‘popping’ of watery mud across the field, there’s been a lot of rain recently!


’twas a cold December Night…

What a lovely late night shopping evening that was! A fantastic turn out on a rather chilly evening, blustery great showers of rain and hail blew through occasionally and the car park got rather muddy! However there was a warm welcome in the farm shop with cups of mulled apple juice and mince pies being served. Carols were provided by the Cornish Connection barbershop singers and the staff wore suitably silly Christmas hats. Beautiful christmas wreaths were also on display from Anna & Karen. If you didn’t get the chance to stop by, you can still order for Christmas on our website or give us a ring on 01726 844411.

Thank you to all who attended last night and made it such a lovely evening!

above: Lobbs Farm Shop by night

above: come on in!

above: Anna and Karen with their beautiful wreaths.

above: the Cornish Connection singers

above: ah yes, Phil & Simon, taking care of the silly hat department in the Butchery!

2012 Calendar

Have you spied our new calendar yet? They arrived from the lovely Nationwide Print just the other day and we’re very pleased with them! You can get your mittens on one of these by placing a butchery order at the farm shop or online

They feature a selection of photographs from the farm, taken through the changing seasons. We are lucky to live in such an area of natural beauty. Many of the photos were taken by Sal at Design Room. Here are a few sneaky pics from the calendar:


November Lambs

Some gorgeous little lambs are now arriving on the farm. Cornwall’s mild climate makes lambing this time of year possible as grass continues to grow through the winter. The lambs can then feed on the pastures and meadows along with the Ewe’s milk. They’re Polled Dorset Horns, a traditional West Country breed that are able to lamb at any time throughout the year as well as having lovely wool.


late september sunset

What a gorgeous end to September after quite a blustery stormy month. The mornings here have been shrouded in sea mist before clearing away to reveal a beautiful golden autumn sun. The sunset last night glowed across the horizon, it was a bit like viewing it from an aeroplane, such a vast horizon with a rising band of colour disappearing into a deep blue sky. Stunning. Here’s the view from the ‘Higher Blow the Winds’ field, close to St Ewe village. Enjoy the sunshine!


Late Summer Sun

A glorious evening at Kestle Farm, grazing sheep illuminated by the soft late summer sunshine.

red sky at night

Words don’t very well describe last nights sunset over these skies, even a photo doesn’t quite do it justice but it’ll have to do!

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