lucky with the light

Beautiful rays of low sun lit up these tiny purple sprouting broccoli and cauliflower plants one evening last week at Higher Kestle Farm.

above: Here you can see a swathe of field left to grow to encourage bird & insect life. Read more here.

above: Looking across from Higher Kestle to Lobbs Farm Shop (just below the pyramid shape on the horizon!)


Two more delicious summer recipes for you, Lamb and Mint Burgers or if thats not your thing try these Pork, Sage & Apple Burgers. Very easy to make, and perfect on the barbecue!


If you’re a veg grower and you planted a few courgette plants back in the spring you’ll be well aware that they are growing like mad. No sooner do you turn your back and another one is about to grow to marrow type proportions. If you’re not a vegetable grower, this is still a yummy recipe, not just a way to cope with a glut!

Come back sunshine, all is forgiven!

Ummm, what ever happened to that sunshine? Barbecues are stowed away under storm clouds, but for how long? Will it rain until September like it has done these past few years? A little drop of rain, good for the garden as the saying goes. Not another summerful of rain though, not good for the soul!


Look what’s in season! English cherries! Available in the Farm Shop now, along with other seasonal favourites grown locally: gooseberries, strawberries, redcurrants, cherry tomatoes and loads of other lovelies. So forget your Spanish strawberries and Dutch tomatoes, eat whats growing near you, better for you and better for the environment. Support your local shop, buy local, eat local. ‘Nuff said.

Lemon Pepper Chicken

Another tasty addition to the barbecue range at Lobbs Farmshop is the Lemon Pepper Chicken leg quarters. Lots of succulent chicken coated in the tangy lemon and pepper rub. Cooked slowly on the barbecue, I gave this around 50 mins total on the grill, 30mins near the coals then finished off on an upper rung of the barbecue to make sure it was thoroughly cooked around the bone. Make a little cut to make sure there’s no pink. Served up with some fresh salads and Cornish new potatoes, its the perfect summer nosh!

Just Added…

Now added to the Lobbs Farm Shop website is the range of tasty barbecue meats, so just click on the photos below and order ’em up for your grill!

Homemade Burgers & Ranch Dressing

Another new recipe for some quintessential summer food, homemade beef burgers and a lovely refreshing ranch dressing.

For a recipe like this, its definitely worth using a good quality mince, just so they don’t hiss and spit on the grill like cheap fatty burgers do so well!

Click here for the recipe

p.s if you want to ‘posh it up’ a bit, forget the watery iceberg lettuce and shove a load of fresh peppery rocket on it, lovely!

Elderflower Cordial

With so much elderflower growing it seems a shame not to use it somehow so I’ve added a lovely simple recipe to this blog so you can have a go yourselves!

Summer in a Bowl

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