National BBQ Week 28th May – 3rd June

There seems to be a day or week for just about everything doesn’t there! But who can resist National BBQ Week? A chance to bask in the beautiful English sunshine…. *ahem* and a very good chance to make the most of some local produce on your grill. If you choose to stick with the trusty sausage and burger combo, make sure they’re good ones, perhaps even make your own burgers? Or maybe be a little more adventurous and get chopping with some garden herbs for a tasty marinade such as this one from Angela Hartnett? Whatever you end up cooking, enjoy!

You can buy a delicious range of home reared meats from our farm here in South Cornwall on our website, all available for UK wide delivery.


Summer’s Evening

Just an excuse to post a picture from the farm, a beautiful hazy August evening. The quality of light this time of year is gorgeous, so expect a few more photos over the next couple of months! Keep walking into this view and you can see out over Mevagissey, across the sea to Fowey, a stunningly beautiful place indeed.



Feast Week Fireworks

Every year at the end of June is Feast Week in Mevagissey. You find out a little more about it here. The weather this year was amazingly beautiful, lucky as the majority of events rely on being outdoors in the gorgeous setting of the harbour. The end of the week is topped off by an incredible fireworks display from the end of Lighthouse Quay, people travel a long way to see these fireworks and they’re definitely worth it! In case you didn’t hear them or see them for miles around, here’s some photos, so get ready to “ooh” and “ahh”!

above: Mevagissey Harbour

News from the farm…

It’s spring and there are so many jobs to do on the farm (well that’s my excuse for being late with the newsletter). We have planted young cauliflowers and cabbages, drilled spring barley and swedes, turned out the cattle to the pastures, weighed and sold the early lambs, fertilised and sprayed the cereal crops. The crops on the farm are, on the whole, looking well despite the dry weather this spring. We have had a few showers unlike the east of England where there is a serious problem. Water is such a vital resource which we rely on to produce our crops and to water our animals. We are lucky to have the rain regularly in Cornwall, although the dramatic downpour in November was a disaster for our hedges and for many people in Mevagissey and Pentewan. In my opinion both extremes were abnormal, once in a lifetime events, or is this what we should expect now with climate change? Of course water is also very important for the wildlife on the farm; our swallows which returned to the farmyard a week later than last year have required assistance. The normal array of puddles around the yard have been absent this year, so I have released water from one of my rain harvesting tanks to replenish a puddle. Within a few minutes there were two swallows at the puddle either drinking or collecting mud for their nests. The swallows are busy in the fields as well. Whenever we move a flock of sheep the birds are seen swooping down in front of the ewes catching the flies and insects that are jumping out of the way of the many advancing feet. The sheep and the cattle are depositing their natural fertiliser on the ground which is essential for the flies and insects and many other species within the cycle of life that revolves around the pasture. The grazing of these animals is so important for wildlife diversity, supporting insects, flowers, bees, birds and a whole host of creatures within the soil. The modern efficient way to progress in livestock farming is tending to house animals throughout the year. This will be detrimental to the biodiversity of the countryside; with less insects there will be less pollination of wild flowers. Rest assured on our farms we do allow our animals to graze our pastures and meadows supporting biodiversity and also producing great tasting grass fed beef and lamb. Just as our advertising strap line says; “Naturally the best from the Countryside”. -Ian Lobb

above: Ian with a new lamb

above: a very shaggy sheep awaiting a trim!

above: shearers hard at work

above: newly shorn sheep, off down the lane

Elderflower & Sunshine

Its time to recycle a recipe I’m afraid! You may’ve spied some lovely Elderflower blossoms around, make the most of them with this easy recipe for Elderflower Cordial it really is a refreshing taste of summer.

A Wonderous Hog Roast

Here’s Lobb’s butcher-in-chief, Phil, tending to the Hog Roast at The Vean on 31-July.  It was an overcast but calm evening with the 120-strong crowd of wedding guests chowing down on some slow roasted pork rolls, cooked to meltingly tender perfection. If you’re interested in booking a Hog Roast from Lobbs give us a bell on 01726 844411 but remember we have a 15 mile radius limit from the farm shop at Heligan. Now, for some more pork…..!

above: loverly crackling

above: Happy to help!

Come back sunshine, all is forgiven!

Ummm, what ever happened to that sunshine? Barbecues are stowed away under storm clouds, but for how long? Will it rain until September like it has done these past few years? A little drop of rain, good for the garden as the saying goes. Not another summerful of rain though, not good for the soul!

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