Cold Snaps

Christmas Eve was the most beautiful of days, cold crisp and clear blue sky. I took a walk through Temple Wood on Kestle Farm’s land. With the entrance to this walk just through a gate on the lower side of Heligan’s field car park it’s very accessible. The mud was frozen solid on this particular day but on days that aren’t quite so impossibly freezing, it can be very muddy so wear your wellies!

You can find a map for this walk here

above: illuminated sheep

above: just the three of us

above: very low sun through the trees.

above: skeletal silhouette

above: an icicle formed like a tap just about to drip!

above: beautiful winter sunshine

above: illuminated branches


Permissive Path photos

A stunningly gorgeous day and a serene walk along the permissive path from Lobbs Farm Shop. Read more and see more here…

Guided Walk in the Woods

I unfortunately couldn’t make it to the walk myself on the 7th May, so office manager Gill passed on this account of the guided walk in the woods to. Ta muchly, Gill!

“We had a lovely evening – the weather was just right.
There are bluebells out – not masses but nevertheless there.  Foxgloves in
abundance (but not flowering yet) where the boys have been clearing the
laurel & planting trees. Laurel is so invasive. Big clumps of primroses
everywhere too.  Not too muddy under foot either. Up close & personal with a
week old baby calf – Ahhhh!
Very informative talk by the 3 boys – just so passionate about their farms –
it’s a real pleasure to hear. Saw Darrens racing track & heard how the boys
(Terry, Ian & Richard) in their not so green-friendly youth, used to slide
down the banks flattening the bluebells as they went!  Saw & heard all about
the Victorian water pumping station that pumps the water up to Heligan by
water power – no electric!
We raised £80.50 for the Precious Lives Appeal.  Enjoyed a delicious burger
&/or hot dog with a very welcome cup of tea.
A very pleasant evening was had by all & I hope we can do it again”

The Permissive Path is a beautiful place for a walk.

Click here for more photos and a map of the Permissive Path through Lobbs farmland

To learn more about the Precious Lives Appeal click here

Permissive Path Walk 23rd April

A nice little by-product of an afternoon of designing a nice little flyer for the farm shop. A lightly layered image of the woodland accessible on the permissive path.

By the way, there’ll be a guided walk of the permissive path on the 23rd April meeting at the farm shop at 6pm, with the walk leaving at 6.30pm. Its all for charity so get yourselves along for a stroll through this stunning patch of nature. Hotdogs will be served after the walk, ‘ansome!


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