Photos from the Farm – A muddy Autumn

Barley Seeds ready for planting

A photographic update from Kestle Farm, highlighting once again the terrible weather conditions that we’re facing, along with many other farmers across the UK, Europe and the US. We were hoping for a drier Autumn but it hasn’t happened and the deluge of rain has continued, making it tough for planting new crops. A hard year for everyone.

Fertilizer ready to go but we’re unable to plant anything due to poor conditions

and here’s the conditions we’re up against…Mud!! Not good for planting anything…

Richard Lobb out feeding the ewes. Lambing is due to start soon…

Cattle are currently being kept inside due to adverse conditions, the rain has been pretty relentless

Richard out in the jeep checking up on things under a very dark sky!

on the upside, the savoys growing out in the veg field are looking pretty good!

lovely colours in the veg field, sprouts, kale & savoys amongst others

the cold wet conditions have hit the swede crop hard, lots of poor specimins

Richard out checking up on things in the veg field. Usually a lovely view from here today it has disappeared in the drizzle

Beautiful french partridge have been reared on the farm

here’s Ian Lobb, leading a group of students out in the field. The weather’s never to bad for education!

Stormy Weather

There’s been some rather large storms lurking about this last week, mostly of hail, sleet and rain. Here’s the view yesterday from Lobb’s Lane which runs between Heligan Gardens and Kestle Farm and takes you down to Heligan Mill & eventually Mevagissey. It’s looking south west across the farm towards Gorran Haven and, yes it was hail! Ouch!

late september sunset

What a gorgeous end to September after quite a blustery stormy month. The mornings here have been shrouded in sea mist before clearing away to reveal a beautiful golden autumn sun. The sunset last night glowed across the horizon, it was a bit like viewing it from an aeroplane, such a vast horizon with a rising band of colour disappearing into a deep blue sky. Stunning. Here’s the view from the ‘Higher Blow the Winds’ field, close to St Ewe village. Enjoy the sunshine!


Easter Weekend

Hey up foodie chums, check out that forecast for the upcoming Easter weekend!  Wherever you may be, get the barbecue fired up, get some great local food on there and just generally have a good one!

Cornwall Floods

Mevagissey is only a couple of miles from Lobbs Farm and was today heavily affected by the flash flood that deluged mid Cornwall. Now the big clean up begins, with many homes and shops awash with muddy water. Pretty miserable for all involved. You can read more here on the BBC website in the meantime here are some photos I took this morning…

lucky with the light

Beautiful rays of low sun lit up these tiny purple sprouting broccoli and cauliflower plants one evening last week at Higher Kestle Farm.

above: Here you can see a swathe of field left to grow to encourage bird & insect life. Read more here.

above: Looking across from Higher Kestle to Lobbs Farm Shop (just below the pyramid shape on the horizon!)

Come back sunshine, all is forgiven!

Ummm, what ever happened to that sunshine? Barbecues are stowed away under storm clouds, but for how long? Will it rain until September like it has done these past few years? A little drop of rain, good for the garden as the saying goes. Not another summerful of rain though, not good for the soul!

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