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Please remember you lot, to keep these little ones looked after this winter. Tough times for wildlife at the moment, frozen ground and not so many insects about for them to feed on. So put something nutritious out for them, keep them going through the winter. Here’s advice from the RSPB:

Here are six top tips for helping your garden birds:

1. Put out feed regularly, especially in severe weather.  Set up a bird table and use high calorie seed mixes. This can also be used to put out kitchen scraps such as grated cheese, pastry and porridge oats.

2. Put out hanging feeders with black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, sunflower-rich mixes or unsalted peanuts.

3. Ensure a supply of fresh water every day. If it is very cold use tepid water but DO NOT use any antifreeze products.

4. Put out fruit, such as apples and pears, for blackbirds, song thrushes and other members of the thrush family.

5. Birdfood bars or fat hung up or rubbed into the bark of trees is a great help for treecreepers, goldcrests and many other species.

6. Put up nest boxes to provide roost sites for the smaller birds. They will then be used for breeding later in the year



A very wintery sunset

Just when you thought it couldn’t get colder, it just did. I don’t think the thermometer has gone above 0˚c today. For those who may start accusing us of being southern softies, this is Cornwall we’re talking about! It’s just not like this here very often! Add in the biting East wind and you’re looking at about -5˚c brrr. Anyhow, it made for some nice photos on the farm this afternoon… Oh and there is another bonus, tomorrow is 1st December, savour that first chocolate out of the Advent Calendar!


A lovely new file of Christmas recipes has just been added, taking care of all the Christmas trimmings for you, Bread Sauce, Cranberry Sauce and of course, the Perfect Roast Potato! Another lovely recipe may even persuade some of you to eat sprouts…. oh, well maybe that’s wishful thinking but it was worth a try! You can find the recipes here


Will you just look at that… first the floods, now the big freeze. Whatever’s next?

Wherever you are stay warm and get cooking some hearty stews and soups to warm up you up, you can find a little inspiration here

Christmas is coming…

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