springtime in the woods

The papers seem to’ve recently been full of articles about national happiness levels (which, if the papers are to be believed, are pretty dire) and how getting out into the natural world does wonders for the soul. Well, it might just be me, but that seems like common sense? Perhaps that’s because here in Cornwall we are surrounded by natural beauty which is all on our doorstep, how lucky we are! So when the weather’s good and you find some time over the coming spate of bank holidays, leave the house and enjoy the great outdoors!
Down in Temple Woods on the farmland here at Kestle Farm, spring is emerging in the shape of almost luminous green leaves and shoots. Primroses, Iris and wild garlic are all in abundance and the bird song is in full surround sound. Not long until the blue bells begin to bloom which is an incredible sight. So if you’re visiting the farm shop, make time for a woodland walk. You can find map and info here. In the meantime, here’s some recent photos from the woods…


almost spring?

The light was lovely this afternoon, a dank drizzle this morning gave way to hazy sunshine. The air is warmer and there was more than a hint of spring in the air. It may only be the first of February but the sun is noticably higher in the sky and the mornings and evenings a little lighter. We finally seem to be coming out of the other side of winter at last! Here’s a few photos from the permissive path on the farm today. Muddy but lovely, skeletal winter trees bathed in a warm hazy light.

above: a tree so big I had to take three photos and join them together to fit it all in!

above: hazy sunset over the farm.


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